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The Most Helpful Tips for DotA Players

This article is suitable for both beginners and experienced players. If you play Dota 2 and spend enough time on the game, you also ask yourself; “Why am I losing more than winning?” We will help to improve this situation. Let's start our Dota tips for those who are going to play for the first time as well as those who have already got a chance to get acquainted with the game.

Follow These 5 Tips and Increase Chances to Win

Before you procceed to dota betting and enter this weblink, check simple but effective recommendations that will definitely bring you the desired success.

  • First of all, you need to learn to finish off other players' creeps and finish off your creeps without giving experience to the enemy. Most Dota2 players manage to notice one thing, a lot of players standing mid on the top or bottom of the players do not Deny their creeps. When you finish off your enemy creep, the hero is given less experience. In any case, you need to learn how to do it. First, define what character you are: Range or Miles. If Miles and Range are against you, then it is better not to try to do this and get experience, because normally they will not give you a farm. If the range (distant hero). then try to do it. If you are Carry, then you need to relate to the last set more carefully because you need more support.
  • Secondly. No need to make mistakes, coming with the whole team to one line to the top or bottom in order to kill one hero. Not so much experience for one hero is given on the first level, and not only gold is given, only to the one who killed. Well, if you did it in 5th, then you already missed one or even two packs of creeps, without getting experience for them. Get out in this position, you can buy a teleport and immediately after the first murder make teleportation to your line.
  • Thirdly. It is constantly necessary to farm. Even if you are a support, carry, semi-carry, ganger and so on. A constant farm is needed, at least up to such items as: Supports: Mana shoes, Meca, Pipe, and ,of course, wards.
  • Fourth. You need to know when you need to fall off the line. It is important to follow and sometimes look at the map. You need to at least check the map to be sure that everything is in place. If there is no one on the map, then you may need to leave because you never know when you can be attacked.
  • Fifth. Hold on with the team. If the game is delayed, then walking one at a time is very dangerous and can be a loss if you are a decisive player in a team. It is always easier to kill in a team than on your own.

Follow the above-listed tips and achieve your goal!

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